Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moritz Ernest Beier and Marie Kluge

My mother's father's parents were Moritz Ernest Beier (1851-1926) and Marie Kluge (1859-1951). My great-grandparents were from Zschopau and Waldkirchen, in the Kingdom of Saxony in what is now Germany. Zschopau and Waldkirchen (now incorporated into the Erzgebirgskreis district of Saxony) are small towns near the city of Chemnitz, not far from the border with the Czech Republic. The industrial revolution was in full development when they lived there and Moritz worked in the textile mills as a spool maker. Saxony was in political turmoil at the time, with shifting alliances and threat of revolution in the air. In 1871, the small kingdom became a part of the newly consolidated German Empire. Moritz and Marie were married in 1880, and immigrated to the United States for a better life in 1884.

I'm starting this weblog, "Cousin, Once Removed," with a series of posts about Moritz and Marie, because I came into a large amount of information about this couple and the family they raised in Central Texas long ago. My grandfather Rudolph Ernest Beyer, wrote about his parents immigrating and settling in Paige, Texas. He also wrote about growing up in Noack and Beyersville, Texas. My great-aunt Ella Beyer Hardi, an older sister, also wrote about her parents hardships and triumphs. Many of their stories coincide, each having provided a unique perspective. Ella also shared stories that Rudolph never mentioned, and vice-versa.

In addition, I have acquired copies of official documentation, such as land records, census schedules and citizenship papers that set out a structure of time and place on which I can attach the stories in a meaningful way. Rudolph's and Ella's memoirs agree with official records in almost every detail. I am grateful for their generous writings and for Lucille Beyer Harwell (my mother) and her first cousin, Marie Hardi Gillett, for saving and sharing them so the stories did not get lost.
I also have information about my other great-grandparents and other ancestors, which I intend to compile and share. I hope you find this interesting and informative. If you have information to contribute to the general good of these family histories, I hope you feel encouraged to share.
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