Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day: a tribute to my Mother and the Grandmothers I have known

 Lucille Alice Beyer

Senior Portrait, 1947

With L. B. Harwell, Jr. and children in 1967
(I'm the middle child with the stylish orthodontia).

80 years young, November 2010
with my sister, Carolyn

Augusta Mary Mager
1897 - 1977

About 1920

Grandma Beyer, with Grandpa (Rudolph Ernest) Beyer and Aunt Elsie
50th Anniversary, December 1970

Dovie Vera Tucker
1906 - 1984

With 1st husband Loney B. Harwell, Sr.,
also my father, L. B. "Buddy" Jr., and his sister, Winona
About 1934
With Winona & L. B. Jr.
probably late 1930s

Grandma (Dovie) with Grandpa ("Jake") Fleming,
Christmas 1972

Pollie A. Faught
1885 - 1969
She was "Granny Tucker" to me.

 . . . and may I also mention:

June Wilfred
1922 - 1988
My mother-in-law, who was also very special.

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