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Moritz & Marie Beyer: Raising a Family in Beyersville

Get togethers for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations were important among Beyersville families
Standing: Flora Wolf, Ella Beyer, Minnie Wolf, Olga & Fritz Becker
Kneeling: Otto Wolf, Rudolph Beyer [date unknown]
A new census was taken in 1910.  On April 18th, the census enumerator visited Moritz and Marie's farm and recorded the following:

1910 U.S. Census, Precinct 7, Williamson County, Texas (composite detail)
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All of Moritz and Marie's family are accounted for here.  Their neighbors (spelled as correctly as I can determine from other records) include Reinhold Mager, whose brother, Adolph, would later become Rudolph's father-in-law; also the families of Sam Wernli, Rudolph Rinderknecht, Fritz Heine, Fritz Walther, and many others.  The spelling of names on the census records depended on what the enumerator heard or thought he or she heard. 

Who's who in the Beyer family, this census:
Morrice Beyer = Moritz Beyer
Mary Beyer  = Marie Beyer
Olta Beyer = Olga Beyer
Ella Beyer =  same
Adolph Beyer = Rudolph Beyer
Emiel Beyer = Emil Beyer
Awalt Beyer = Ewald Beyer


Moritz & Marie's remodeled home.
Ella Beyer Hardi wrote:  Olga was getting Married to Fritz Becker, My Dad build them a house close by & a barn.  He gave Olga a horse to help out so they could start farming since Becker didn’t have anything to start with. Leopold Bachmayer the Ginner build the House on papas farm.  Bachmayer bought all the Cord Wood for his Gin, being a Carpenter he build on to our house 2 story - a hall downstairs & 2 rooms upstairs.  One room upstairs was for brother Emil.  The other room was for Rudolph. 

Moritz & Marie Beyer's children in 1918:
Emil, Ewald, Rudolph, Ella & Olga

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